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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  September 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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look a wilson bridge this morning. hopefully water levels down dramatically from where they were last night. we'll keep an eye on t we'll get you up to speed and get you into work on time this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's start off with yesterday's major flooding. problems still having an impact today. take a look at this list. charles county schools are closed. it is a code two for employees. >> fairfax county schools are also closed but the offices are open. and prince william county schools are closed. code green for employees there. the full list of public and private schools along with government and court closings are on our web site at a note about the federal government. it is open on time. however, unscheduled leave and unscheduled telework are allowed. let's check in with tony perkins, say good morning to him. >> we're looking at gradually improving conditions. that is the good news. we have a couple of showers out there this morning. we are not seeing generally
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speaking heavy rain that we saw yesterday. i was in it yesterday afternoon. extraordinary rain. i haven't experienced rain like that, trying to drive through it and deal with it since isabel, some seven, eight years ago. it won't be a day like that. take a like at vipir. this goes back to yesterday, shows you all that rain and heavy rain that we had yesterday affect. much of that has pushed out and dissipated. we are seeing some shower activity off to the north and east around baltimore, eastern maryland and a a couple more showers filling in just to the south of washington, d.c. it will be kind. spotty pop-up showers, maybe a couple of thunderstorms later on today. nothing like what we had yesterday, at least we don't think so. let's go to the graphics. there are a wide variety of watches and warnings in effect this morning. i guess the main thing you need
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to know is that there is a flash flood watch in effect for much of the area this evening. there are some flood warning in effect for this morning in many of close-in counties right around washington, d.c. coastal flood advisory -- actually a coastal flood warning in effect until 10:00 this morning. be aware we could see more of the same. it is not over yet. i'm not talking about the rain but we could see flooding. 71degrees in the nation's capital. relative humidity, 96% forecast for today. believe it or not there may be a few rays of sun here and there. we will see plenty of clouds again today a pop-up shower or thunderstorm here or there. highs about 80 degrees. we'll have more for you on all of that coming up in just a little bit. >> as long as it is better than yesterday, we just can hope for that. >> it will be. >> thank you. let's say good morning to julie wright. man, it is a good thing it is friday, julie. >> i know.
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tell me about it. we just got off the phone our good friend over at fairfax county. they sent us a list four peoples long of street closings they were dealing with this morning. we can't get to every single street but we are dealing with not only flooding but now we're dealing with stretches or streets that have been compromised because of standing water. along route 7 out here in the fairfax loudoun county line, we have a sinkhole reported there. 301 at six in la plata, we are dealing with that. we have a number of streets closed off in anne arundel county, st. mary's county and charles county. although we may not be face wade big downpour of rain, we are feeling the effects of the storm we've had to deal with over the last day or so. -- although we may not be faced with a big downpour of rain. no incidents to 95, 295 coming in from ball headed out towards the capital beltway. it is just getting there that will be a tough commute. i have a friend who called and
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said it would take about 45 minutes to drive in work typically. this morning, it took her 40 minutes just to get to a major artery and then she had to travel in towards the capital beltway. so much like the beginning of the week, you may just want to plan on doubling your commute right now because typically the roads you take into work may not be open. you may be just like that mouse in the maze trying to find the little hole and the little block of cheese in order to get to work this morning. no problems at the american legion bridge. vre service suspended because of the weather because of the storm. no service on vre today. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the flooding in northern virginia turned tragic yesterday when two people were swept away including a 12-year- old boy. the officials say the boy was in the backyard when a gush of water from a nearby creek came
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through carrying him downsteam. a second death was a man in great falls in his vehicle when it was swept away on carwood road. officials say due to several road closures they are having a tough time responding to the emergency calls. in the huntington area of alexandria, flash flooding forced people to evacuate there. the water rushed up the street into homes and cars and that is where our sherry ly is standing by this morning with the latest from there. how does it look out there right now? >> the good news is the water has receded but with all this rain coming down again and high tide expected just after 6:00 this morning, there are concerns that the water could rise again. you can see right behind me, we have swift water rescue teams and a number of firefighters here in case the water starts to rise again. four streets in this hunting don neighborhood have been evacuated along fenwick drive, arlington terrace, mount vernon drive and liberty drive. at the peak of the flooding overnight, the water reached chest high. take a look at some of of the
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damage that was left behind. cars piled up, swept away bid into waters that came gushing through the area. the worst hit around 2300 and 2900 block of eisenhower in alexandria. the parking garage of one hotel and the university next door flooded. fire officials say 30 people had to be rescued. there were no injuries or transports but definitely a mess. flood victims say it all happened so fast, no one could have been prepared. >> one of the staff members sons came running and told us in the lab that a lot of water outside and we're like what and security came out and said you got to evacuate. so everyone came out. >> reporter: we have been automobile to go down one of the streets here in this huntington neighborhood. you can see there is mud everywhere that was brought up by cameron run, which is what crested and flooded this
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neighborhood. right now, firefighters are telling us they can't give us the extent of the damage because they have to wait until day break to get a good look at thins. the power has been cut off. gas has been cut off to this area. it is too dangerous with the water that has flooded these homes. we are being told that inspectors will have to go back through the damaged houses to make sure that everything is safe before they can be turned back on again. that is the latest here in huntington. back to you. >> thank you. we'll keep an eye on what is happening there. more on the developing terror threat. the cia says it has up covered a credible threat that likely involves a car bomb or truck bomb possibly targeting bridges or tunnels. police or high alert as the threat comes ahead of the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attack. sources say that the threat is credible, specific but not confirmed. counter terrorism agents say three men entered the united states and are believed to have
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start the journey to the u.s. from afghanistan and pakistan. turning to president obama's jobs speech now, the president called on congress to pass his new plan to revive the economy. in a speech for a joint session of congress, the president laid out a bigger than expected $450 billion plan and said taxes on the rich may have to be raised. >> right now, warren buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary, an outrage he has asked us to fix. we need a tax code where everyone gets a fair shake and where everybody pays their fair share. should we keep tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires or should he put teachers back to work so our kids can graduate ready for college and good jobs? right now, we can't afford to do both. >> the president says he will release specific as a week from
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monday along with a proposal to stabilize the country's long- term debt. a massive power outage leaves millions of people in the dark across several states but this one wasn't because of the weather. that's next. a volcano roars back to life. details of this mighty eruption coming up.
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the power is back on for fill jobs in parts of california, arizona and new mexico. a maintenance error at i asubstation in arizona knocked it out for nearly six million people. san diego bore the brunt of the blackout bringing thursday evening traffic to i astand still. two nuclear reactors went offline during the outage but officials said there was no danger to the public or workers. italy's mount etna roaring back to life. the volcano erupted yesterday morning. it forced a nearby airport to cut back on the number of flights. this is the 13 oict time that mount etna has erupted -- this is the 13th time that mount
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etna has erupted this year. how about a long-term escalator shutdown at a metro station? we are not even talking week or months here. >> we have the latest on today's forecast. a number of advisories out there this morning. julie wright is keeping us posted on the road conditions. there are many road closures this morning. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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3q new odor detect from air wick. a new air freshener so smart that it detects and overcomes unpleasant odors to keep your world at its brightest. new odor detect. something in the air wick. take a look at this. a guy tubing down route 29 in
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fairfax. now, we certainly recommend that you do not try this. the flood waters are very dangerous an up predictable as we've seen with the two deaths in the area not far practice fairfax. if you would like to see more pictures and video of the flooding, go to we have much more there. that was getting a lot of hits on youtube. >> it may look like fun but it is kind of dangerous to be doing that i would say for sure. it has been not good out there. >> the main thing, the most interesting thing about that picture is route 29 being turned into a river. extraordinary rainfall amounts. we'll show you some of the rainfall amounts we've had yesterday across the region. just unbelievable. today, there are some rain showers out there primarily off to the north and east right now but today will not be like yesterday. that is a good thing. let's start with hd radar, show you how things are shaping up across the region. i mentioned some rain showers including some areas of heavy rain. that is up around baltimore this morning. not here in the district but up
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around ball, we are seeing some heavy rain. we have the yellows and oranges there so that is continuing to push off to the north. we have a couple of spots here where there is a little bit of shower activity out towards reston, down across southern portions of the district. south and western portions of the beltway, a company ofling showers but again, big difference from -- couple of little showers but again, big difference from what we had yesterday so that is the good news. a flash flood watch is in effect for the region for this evening. rainfall totals that moved through, reagan national, 6 1/4 inches. dulles, 6 1/3 un. s. bwi marshall, just under 8 inches. we've seep reports in reston of 11 inches. -- we've seen reports in reston of 11 inches. quite impressive. this is also quite impressive because it looks much different than it did yesterday.
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this is the morning's sentinel satellite-radar. the satellite part of it, the cloud cover, we still have mostly cloudy skies and i think we will for the day. there are some breaks now off to the west, down to the south. if you are heading out to the south and west, you will find some clear skies there and that gives me hope that we'll get some sunshine working in here later on today. it won't be a sunny day by any means but dew think we'll see some sun and we haven't seen any this week. 71degrees for your current temperature in the district. 67 in baltimore. 71 in dulles. 72 in fredericksburg. off to the east, patuxent naval air station is at 74 degrees. the forecast for washington for today, flash flood watch in effect until this evening. there are a variety of flood warnings in effect across the region this morning. they are numerous. they all end at dave rent times. what you main -- they all end at different times. there are flood warnings in the
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washington area and flash flood watches through the day. 80degrees. it will not be a day like what we had jed. maybe another shower or development 6230 your overnight low. five-day forecast, it is better. for tomorrow, an isolated shower. i think the bulk of the day is dry but you cannot rule out an isolated shower or two. an isolated thunderstorm on sunday. both days into the low 80s and then right now, monday and tuesday look to be very nice. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's find out what is happening with traffic with julie wright. >> it is much like deja vu, tony. we had the crash on the outer loop of the beltway at 355. they just cleared that over to the shoulder so the lanes are open there once again. no incidents to report coming around from college park headed around that curve towards 355. again this morning, backing up to wet pavement and road spray and a number of streets that are still closed off at this
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time. our friends at fairfax county fauxed over four sheets of paper of streets that are closed. so a laundry list and that is just in fairfax county. we are waking up to find a number of streets still closed on in anne arundel county, st. mary's county, charles county. no problems to report on the major toronto. getting there is what will tax a lot of time a friend called from southern maryland. her typical commute into work is about 45 minutes. she had to tax on an additional 40 minutes because two alternate routes from her house to the beltway were shut down due to standing water. that is the point we are trying to make today. whatever your route is, it may not be open for you this morning. plan your trip accordingly and we'll keep you posted with updates as to what is open and closed as we get them in here. no incidents to report on the major artery coming in from fair oaks to the beltway. out to the west along route 7 at the fairfax-loudoun county line, that is blocked off with a large sinkhole. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. >> thank you. monitoring metro for you now. they are fixing some of the systems' busiest escalators and it will not be a pleasant experience for riders. metro laid out its plan for repairs at dupont circle. it means closing the south entrance for up to a year, fixing escalator at the south entrance. it will require closing it for that entire year that. will leave nearly 2,000 rider each weekday with one way in and out. the entrance will close early next year. so prepare for that. it won't be fun. >> not at all. some hard knocks at the box office this weekend. here is what is coming up. >> you want to mow who the toughest kid in the neighborhood. i want to know who the toughest man on the planet is. -- you want to know would the toughest kid in the neighborhood is.
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veteran actor nick nolte stars in the new movie, war hero as the alcoholic father of a man desperate to compete in and win a martial arts tournament. he talked with kevin mccarthy about tackling this emotional role utah idea behind the film is you are look fig second chance you put your kid through hell originally in the film but
5:25 am
you come back and you want to show them that you changed. at what point is life do you think in real life are second chances not allowed. i feel for your character. at what point are second chances not allowed. >> murder. you dope give second chances at murder. you can't take a life. psychologically, you can damage your family and things but if you can get for giftness, you can make that up. it may take years, but can you make that up. -- if you can get forgiveness, you can make that up. patty desperately wants to heal those blank years where he wasn't there, where he was violent, where he was obsessed.
5:26 am
and the reasoniol won't let him back in, the back story was he came to that christmas wand as drunk and drove the damn car right into the living room just missed the kid and that kind of thing. >> you get into the character. it is a very deeply emotional role for you. and i want to ask you, as an actor when you have to go there mentally and then the camera shuts off and you walk out and go back into your daily life as mick nolte, are you able to is turn that off with you or does it stick with you throughout the day? it stays with you. it is really kind of the job of the actor to keep it life. sean penn calls it trailer acting. i agree with sean. you bow gabbing to your trailer and you keep alive this drama that -- you go back to your trailer and you keep alive this drama that you are telling. the thing is we skip around. it is not like a play.
5:27 am
you don't have the audience building and propelling you o you have to kind of go back to your trailer figure out what has happened in between this and this and where you would be at now in this moment. >> kevin will join us next hour and we'll find out if he liked the movie or not. i think he did. he will review warrior and contagion. that is coming up next hour. so. >> a busy morning here on fox 5. coming up next, the latest on what is being called a credible terror threat. our other big story is the flooding this morning. sherry is on that. she is in huntington. >> reporter: about 150 people were arced to evacuate this huntington neighborhood. the water rose again from cameron run, the second time this flash flooding has happened in five years. we'll have the very latest when we get back.
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fr b.
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time now is 5:30 on this friday. happy friday. hopefully it is a better day out there than it was yesterday for you. taking a live look at the u.s. capitol dome this morning. yesterday's major flooding problems are still having an impact today. charles county schools are closed and it is a code two for employees. fairfax county schools are also closed but the offices are open. prince william county schools are closed, code green for
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employees there. the full list along with government and court closing on our web site at just a note about the federal government. it is open on time, however, unscheduled leave and unscheduled telework are allowed today. tony is back with us now with some better news at least compared to yesterday. it would be tough to get worse than the conditions we had yesterday afternoon. >> you are absolutely right. when you look at the last couple of days where we had all the heavy rain to the east and then yesterday to the west, map, that is a rough couple of days. it has been a rough few weeks of weather that we've had here. improving conditions today but still some rain showers out there. let's take a look. we'll start with a broad look at the satellite-radar. i will mention that there are some heavy rain showers now up to baltimore but not around here. we've had rain here and there, just some pop-up showers here and there. that is about it. the wet road conditions and conning flood watches and warnings across the region. as you look at that that is katia out at sea. still a category one hurricane but maximum sustained wind down
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to 58 miles per hour. here is the good news. katia continues to pull with a moving to the northeast at about 24-mile per hour so katia is getting out of here. 71-degree in the district. 71 at dulles airport. 67 in baltimore. the forecast for today looks like this. floodwatch in effect until this evening. mostly cloudy skies. showers and thunderstorms are possible here and there. 80degrees. if we're lucky, some of us may get a few rays of sun later on but the skies will certainly be mostly cloudy through the day. there you go. that is the latest on the forecast. >> it used to be nice to hear the rain sometimes on the roof, it was soothing but not anymore. i think i'm done with it. >> when it rains like it has rained and you hear it on the roof i get up and start walking around the house, is everything okay. a little too much. >> i think that is good exercise the last couple of days. >> yep, sure is. >> let's check in with julie
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wright. >> good morning. much hike yesterday, we are taking you back down into upper marlboro where we have a number of those streets closed again this morning. route 4 here at water street, no surprise. and the courthouse is still closed off as well. a number of streets closeed along 301 between route 4 rand the marlboro pike. callers are reporting that 4 at 258 is all the shut down. a number of closures in anne arundel county where the roads are impassable because of flooding. traveling 66, your lanes are open. large sing hole reported along route 7 at drainsville road. keep that in mind. no incidents to report around the beltway. much hike yesterday, we started off our show with an accident at 355. that has cleared. the lanes are now open. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. in fairfax county, people were asked to evacuate their homes in the huntington area. >> sherry ly is there now. how does it look? >> reporter: they haven't had a chance to get a close look at the damage but clearly there is a lot of damage from what we can see at this point. about 150 people we're told were evacuated from the huntington neighborhoods. it was a voluntary evacuation. that means not everybody left. cameron run, we're told, rose about six or possibly seven feet. we have swift water rescue teams and firefighters here in case the streets flood again. now take a look at the damage. it was widespread through outthe alexandria area. cars piled up, swept away by flood waters as they came gushing through the area. one of the worst hit areas between 2300 and 2900 blocks of eisenhower avenue, the parking garage of a hotel and the university next door flooded and fire officials
5:35 am
say 30 people had to be rescued. >> the water was up to the window the window side. when i tried to go in and open the door, it was filled with water. everything that is in there was damaged. >> reporter: and the situation here in huntington again, we have to wait really until day break to get in and see what the damage is like. joining me now is deputy chief james walsh with fairfax county fire and rescue. what is the situation here as far as the damage that you can see so far? >> good morning. right now, we are waiting for day break to appear. we have agot some damage assessment teams -- we've got some damage assessment teams that will be responding here to take a look at the structure, the amount of damage and to determine which homes will be reoccupied quickly versus the ones that need to be worked a little bit more. >> reporter: how quickly did this water rise? i understand you were in the midst of the evacuation when
5:36 am
the water rose. >> we did have fire and rescue union down here going door to door and in one situation, we had two units get trapped in two separate home because of the water that rose so quickly. >> reporter: and at this point, you've got the crews coming in at day break to start going through the houses. what is the process for people to be able to return to their homes those two did evacuate. >> the ideal situation that we're working with today over the course of the next several days is to remain present here in the community with various representatives from the county looking for the one-stop shop kind of of facility where the home owners can come in, get the permitting process, get whatever other information they need to reoccupy their homes. right now, this morning, we are going to have washington gas here, virginia dominion power assessing the power grid to make sure if and when the power is restored to their homes that it is safe and that is the whole process. >> reporter: thank you very much deputy chief james walsh with fairfax county fire
5:37 am
department. they will have to go in and inspect these damaged homes before people will be allowed to return and the electricity and gas can be turned back on. that is the latest here in huntington. back to you. james wright we are also following the developing terror threat for the district and new york city. the potential terror attack is described as specific and credible but not confirmed. it reportedly involves either truck or car bombs and the aimed at bridges or tunnels. the threat comes just days before the 10th anniversary of 9-11. the d.c. mayor says the department of homeland security informed him of the threat. president obama addressing congress last night on reviving the sluggish economy. he gave his big jobs speech for a joint session of congress. his proposal is called the american jobs act and will cost about $450 billion. the president wants to the debt super committee to find cuts to pay for it. >> the american jobs act will
5:38 am
not add to the deficit. it will be paid for. and here is how. the agreement we passed in july will cut government spending by about a trail yop dollars over -- a trillion dollars over the next 10 years. it charges this congress to come up with an additional $1.5 trillion by christmas. enam asking you to increase that cost so it covers the full cost of the american jobs act and a week from monday, i will be releasing a more ambitious deficit plan a plan that will not only cover the costs of this jobs bill but stabilize our debt in the long run. what authorities say one man had packed inside some clams. new information about the nuclear power plant in our
5:39 am
region and what kind of inpact it faced in the last -- impact it faced if the last month. -- it faced in the last month.
5:40 am
5:41 am
a strange find at a local airport. customs and border protection agent at dulles international say a passenger tried to smuggle in clams packed with cocaine. they released this photo before up of the drug-stuffed clams. officers arrested a map as he arrived on a flight on
5:42 am
saturday. the cocaine had a street value of about $10,000. disturbing new information about the earthquake that hit our region last month involving the nuclear plant in louisa county. even though the north autopsy afacility did not suffer serious damage, federal authorities say the plant was not designed to with strand the type of of ground shaking that occurred when the 5.8 magnitude quake struck. it is one of our big stories. the flood waters causing all kind of problems in the area. >> all that water leaving behind some serious damage. plus, a warning for some people to boil that you are water this morning. we'll have detail of that advisory coming up. and we'll check your forecast. tony and tucker working on that for you. also, julie wright is on your traffic this morning. stay with us. time now is 5:42. weouewti am
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more images of the flooding this morning. sections of route 301 in folate are badly damaged. you can see spots where the road is washed away exposing fiberoptic cables and telephone wires. -- sections of route 301 in la plata are badly damaged.
5:46 am
prince george's county also suffering from flooded roads and homes. this is how it looked yesterday at marlboro pike in upper marlboro. the county administration building, county courthouse closed again today. the sheriff's office also will be closed. checking in with tony perkins again. should be a better day today. we could use the break. >> we still have the threat of some flooding even if it is not raining as some of that waterworks its way downstream and the like and areas that do get some rain could go under some type of flood warning or what have you here and there later on today. but generally speaking, yeah a better day. let's hd radar, we'll start with that and speaking of flood warnings, as you can see here first of all, all those areas if height green, that is a flood watch in effect until this evening. floodwatch in effect. we also have some flood warnings in effect for some of the close-in counties for the
5:47 am
morning hours today and there is a coastal flood advisory in effect. meanwhile, up in baltimore, that is where we're see something heavy rain right now and they've just gone under a flood warning up in the baltimore area until 8:30 this morning. so that is the latest flood warning up near baltimore and again all this area is a flood watch. let's go to the graphics. want to show you some of the rainfall totals. this is not was happening now. this is showing you where the heaviest rain fell yesterday. it shifted westward a little bit. check out this area down here. we've been talking about charles county. 17. 8 inches in some areas. as we get closer to the arlington and washington, d.c. area, in some areas up to 12 1/2 inches of rainfall from these storm systems. up around ellicott city 9 inches.
5:48 am
just tremendous amounts of rain that led to some tread flooding across our region -- to some tremendous flooding across our region yesterday afternoon and evening. take a look at the temperatures we are seeing. first of all, our sentinel satellite-radar. we do have the clouds. we have a little bit of precipitation, some pop-up showers here and there. we do not have that training effect that we had yesterday with the heavy rains continuing to develop and move up. some areas down to the south and particularly the south and west are starting to see some clear skies. they may get some sunshine and if wear lucky, we'll get a few rays of that sunshine in our area later on today. but the forecast is certainly for mostly cloudy skies. temperatures across the region, we are at 71 degrees in the district. 70 in leonardtown. we have problems with heavy or standing water. 72degrees in manassas and 70 out in winchester. forecast for washington for today, flash flood watch in effect for this evening. mostly cloudy skies.
5:49 am
some pop-up showers and thunderstorms still possible but it won't be like yesterday. high about 80-degree. for tonight, some lingering showers here and there. mostly cloudy skies, 62308 your overnight low. five-day forecast for tomorrow, we will see improving conditions some sunshine mixed with clouds, an isolated shower or two could pop up. some isolated thunderstorm are possible sunday. monday and tuesday look to be nice. now, here is julie wright with an update on traffic. >> again, today, a long laundry list of streets that are closed. our friend in calvert county reporting in that 4 remains closed off northbound. southbound is able to get through. 4 at water street still shut down. we have a portion of route 4 shut down between 301 and mount zion marlboro road because of
5:50 am
standing water. and flooding along the marlboro pike between crane highway and 202. anna run county reporting numbers of streets. numerous streets that are closed off right now because of standing water including route 3 at 175. 450 at 424. st.stevens church road not passable pretty much at this point for those traveling in each direction. 450 over here at the generals highway. that remains closed off because of standing water. now authorities tell me they are being can for a crash along 198 and 95 so we'll keep you posted on what they find there in our next report. we are told we have report of a sink hole in la plata down at route 6. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the redskins get set for the opener on sunday but are they ready for the giants? up next, we'll talk with the junkies. plus the defending super bowl champs off if a super start but this game came down to the final play. we'll show you the highlights.
5:51 am
stay with us. we'll be right back. cs/w g ?céa3f?
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time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is marie dream cakes shade. she says she loves, loves, loves her fox 5 news family and would be lost without us.
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thank you, marie. i love her name too that is creative. if you want to be mop's fan of the -- if you want to be monday's facebook fan were day head to marie's page and comment post a comment. last night, things kicked off in green bay. let's check in with the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan. >> what's happening, steve? >> i didn't get to watch much. game last night because of late start. i enjoyed watching two quality quarterbacks go at it. was your thoughts on the game last night? >> those guys are so good. >> those are like real quarter backs. >> wrongers shows the best back shoulder pass maybe in the history of the league. >> you talking about that early touchdown. >> you can't defend. it it is pinpoint accurate. it is always there. i haven't seen a quarterback make a throw like that consistently. >> i believe those combined
5:55 am
quarterback rating were somewhere in the 125 range. it made me realize how light years away we are from that level of team. >> that was like watching a -- at this game and having to watch jv and jv would be the redskins. watches those guys is amazing. it told me that the off high pressure season work outduring lockout meant nothing. aaron rogers, it was the first thing he said. all the criticism that the packers didn't have one off- season workout. it meant nothing because he was rusty not at all. >> i know it is early but there are basically now two playoff spots wrapped up in the -- >> barring a catastrophic injury to either of the quarterback,s you can lock up two playoff spots with the saints and the packers with the way they maid last night. >> it was fun to watch, just the rescission accuracy of those guys throwing the ball. let's bring it back toering. rex grossman, i'm in the trying to slight him here because last year, he did have a great game
5:56 am
against the giants. can he do it again this year? >> he is a journey man quarterback. i think you will have ups and downs. the problem is you are playing the new york giants and the redskins haven't beaten the giants with you one time in the last 10 efforts. they haven't beaten the giants at fedex field since 2005. >> maybe you are going to pick the new york giants. redskins win this game 23-20. the giants have so many injuries. the defensive line, their starting corners. i think rick gets it done. 23-20 skins. >> and eli manning, in his last eight meetinged with redskins, he has been the epitome of mediocrity. >> the giants are going to win the game.
5:57 am
even though they have injuries on defense, they've had injuries before and still won. >> i see a split decision among you guys. >> i think the redskin will pull it off. i think the giants will make some mistake. even vegas thinks it will be a close game. >> i'm not saying it will be a blowout but the giant will get it done. >> the problem is the giant have our number. they have won nine of the last 10. >> they're better. >> let's talk about it next week. >> you got it. >> now, 5:57 on this friday morning. thank goodness, it's friday. >> fox 5 news at 6:00 when we come back.
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